Sharon Harthoorn
Breda, The Netherlands
instagram: sharon_harthoorn

Bachelor Photography, Film and the Digital | A.K.V. St. Joost, Breda (2017-2020)
Minor Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality | Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht (2019-2020)
Internship at Simone Engelen (2020)​

Now Show | Breda 2021

Artist statement
A recurring motive in my work is the exploration of people’s inner experiences and emotions. I have always been more of an emotional person, and thus I look for ways to process the many feelings and thoughts I have. (Analog) photography, video and writing are the main tools I use for that. My work is not just about me, however, but it is about the universality of these feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences, which I like to call the inner landscape. I reflect on this inner landscape by comparing it to the fysical landscape around us, which can be just as calm, capricious or turbulent.

I believe in the importance of understanding and acknowledging this subjective landscape and all the riddles that come with it, so we get to know ourselves, eachother and the world we live in a little better. I am drawn to philosophical theories about time, memory and the subconsciouss, so this is what my work is often centered around. This means that, in addition to images and stories, I use the ratio to investigate these feelings.